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Better tasting

Cool peanut

Better for you

Healthier Snacks

Better for the environment

Good Things

Better for the ENVIRONMENT

Trees for Cities

At Good Things Snacks, we are monitoring our outputs and we understand that we need to control the impact that we have on our social and physical environment.

To help us achieve our goals, we are supporting the great work of Trees for Cities who, are improving lives and creating a healthier environment by planting trees. They don't stop there, they take their message into schools to promote the health and wellness advantages of an active engagement in a greener future.

Please click on the Trees for Cities' to read about their great work. And, whilst you are there, perhaps donate just £6 to get a tree planted in an 'urban woodland'.


Life is complicated sometimes but choosing a great snack needn't be, no sir-ee.

Good Things Snacks are vegan and are powered by plant protein, fibre & nothing artificial so you can feel great about eating them.

Better FOR YOU

Healthy heart
Great taste


We've eaten a lot of nut mixes. Some of them were good for you but tasted like cardboard, some of them were covered in chocolate and tasted good but were really unhealthy.


At Good Things, we've tried to find that balance between great taste and healthy. We hope you agree.

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